The F guitar  "Samurai"

The "F" guitar.. 
A fretless guitar in pure Ferrari red.
A ghost ceramic pickup by Pkv pickups, Monolith tuners by Guitar Monkey & Kluson, Akatio wood in the body,
A beautiful Wenghè fingerboard on a westcoast maple neck.
Pure 24k gold Zerofret. 
Pure sound, Pure feeling.

The F guitar "Akatsuki暁 "

The special Yellow Ferrari on a Okume body,
The rare Brazilian Mahogany,
fifty years old, with a

Bronze Fretted Mexican Granadillo fingerboard .
GuitarMonkey tuners with Monolith buttons.
A ghost Ceramic Pickup by Pkv pickups

The "F" guitar "MELANGE"

A soft shape, with a black spotted texture, as if it were a soft cloth. the warm sound of the Paf Humbucker gives it a warm tone that makes it even more precious to the ears of those who listen to it. Soft to the touch.