The "F" Guitar 

The " F " guitar does not have a piezo but a phantom pickup installed under the fingerboard extension. This system guarantees greater sustain, a great feeling with the instrument and a unique sound, also thanks to the pickups built ad hoc by talented craftsmen.

F guitar  "CHOCO"

A bright taste of a unique sound. the Phantom pickup make it easier.

F Guitar "Dreamaker"

Dreaming is easy with your eyes closed.

This Hollow body guitar makes the difference. 
Roasted Maple, Olive wood, Roasted Sassfrass, Cocobolo, Padouk and a Magic Phantom pickup by Celentano are the ingredients of a Unique sound.

F guitar "Natural"

Through time and space the new "ShiverGuitar" has reached us, revealing itself to human eyes. its sound, large and majestic, will cross barriers to manifest itself to human ears.
Eat worm-Chestnut on the body, Amaranth on neck and a beautiful makassar ebony on the fingerboard, with a powerful and fat, Phantom Celentano pickup. 
F guitar, sounds like not other ones.

The F guitar  "Samurai"

The "F" guitar.. A fretless guitar in pure Ferrari red. A phantom ceramic pickup by Pkv pickups, Monolith tuners by Guitar Monkey & Kluson, Akatio wood in the body. A beautiful Wenghè fingerboard on a westcoast maple neck.

Pure 24k gold Zerofret. 

Pure sound, Pure feeling, pure ShiverGuitar

The F guitar "Akatsuki 暁 "

The special Yellow Ferrari on a Okume body,
The rare Brazilian Mahogany,
fifty years old, with a 
Bronze Fretted Mexican Granadillo fingerboard .
GuitarMonkey tuners with Monolith buttons.
A phantom Ceramic Pickup by Pkv pickups.

The "F" guitar "MELANGE"

A soft shape, with a black spotted texture, as if it were a soft cloth. the warm sound of the Paf Humbucker gives it a warm tone that makes it even more precious to the ears of those who listen to it. Soft to the touch.